San Salvador: Day 1

Hi everyone,

Yesterday we arrived in colorful Nassau at 8 pm.  We stayed at Comfort Suites, Paradise Island. Following a much needed and satisfying supper consisting of a salad, pasta, and an over-sized piece of chocolate cake, our group hung around the pool, playing Cards Against Humanity and chess…we quickly discovered that the quiet ones among us are never really quite so reserved ;).  The next morning, our small plane for San Salvador left at 11.  The relaxed San Salvadorean environment was perfectly conducive to putting our minds at ease before we would begin attempting to realize our research objectives…it’s not everyday that 15 people get the chance to ride in the back of a pick-up alongside the ocean.  Today, we effected the first stage of our methodology in sampling sediment cores off Graham’s Harbor, on the north side of the island.  In a team effort, which involved hammering PVC tubes into sediment while snorkeling, we managed to obtain some preliminary samples. The Gerace Research Center provides a great atmosphere for diving into empirical analysis of foraminifera as a proxy for pollution.  The food at the center is great and we have everything we need to actualize our research objectives…even so, the fauna on the island doesn’t discriminate between the outdoors and our dormitory  – we’ve had meals in the presence of chickens and been witnesses to salamanders scaling the walls above our beds – all of these particularities contribute toward making this a truly genuine experience.

We’re all looking forward to continuing our project,



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