San Salvador, We made it!

After many weeks of planning and preparation we’re finally here at the Gerace Research Center in San Salvador Bahamas! Amid the crystal clear waters, sky high palm trees and magnificent sea turtles I can hardly believe my eyes at all the beauty.

We arrived early this afternoon to a shoreline of deep blue ocean and a warm summer breeze. Our luggage quickly followed us as we exited the cozy airport in San Salvador. Before I knew it I found myself riding unstrapped in the back of a pale-blue truck. No roofs, no seat belts – just the open Bahamian air and 9 of my now closest friends. It was hands down one of the most memorable experiences I’ve had this trip thus far.

My team and I have settled in our 1st floor cabin on the Research Center. After an orientation, snorkel session and field work we’re exhausted yet equally stoked for the days ahead. Tomorrow we’re touring the island and getting into the nitty-gritty components of our work! Hopefully all our planning and preliminary research goes as planned on our first real day of field expedition tomorrow.

Fingers Crossed. More to come..

Yours Truly,



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