San Salvador: Day 4

After a few days on the island, it has been strikingly apparent that this excursion represents our first foray into research in the field.  Many of us carry weathered looks and look forward to whatever the Gerace Center cafeteria intends on serving for dinner at the end of the day.  Even so, many of our objectives have been successfully met and any time left over has been devoted to strengthening the bonds between us.  We have circled the island several times and traversed its interior; most of the places we visited were largely isolated, providing us with a pristine environment to conduct research.  Evenings at the Gerace Center are divided between scrums with our professors, discussions at the computer lab and relaxing activities in the game room…and then, there are the select few among us who have a compulsive desire to check Blackboard on a daily basis ;).  The weather has been treating us well; today for the first time we were greeted with rain in the morning, however, the temperature hovers in the mid-20s and reminds us that we are quite fortunate to be in the Bahamas over Reading Week.

We only have two more full days in San Salvador and if they are anything like what we have been experiencing up to this point, they will inevitably be fatiguing, albeit fulfilling.  And, without the slightest doubt, we will miss out time here once it is gone.

-Thomas Piekut


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