We Found Nemo!


I can’t believe that I’m in the Bahamas! The scenery is pretty as a postcard and it is amazing to have the entire beach to yourself!

The experience of staying at the Gerace Research Centre is very unique in itself. I never thought I would enjoy sharing a single shower with all the girls on my floor. On our first day in San Salvador we headed out to Graham’s Harbour to snorkel and test out our methods design. After being out in the field for a couple of days and modifying our methods, we managed to get some footage of the fish and coral reefs for our project. We tried working with fish ID cards, but identifying Nemo and Dory was the best that we could do!

I’m not used to being driven in the back of a truck, eating bread and cheese for lunch everyday, and always being covered in sand, but I have made some great friends and I’m having the time of my life.



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