It’s always better in the Bahamas

Our flight to Nassau arrived 30 minutes early, always a good sign, after which we traversed through the night in a cozy taxi with classical music while trying to figure out the name of one of our classmates. It was too awkward to ask right out so we waited until later in the night. We really should have played ice-breaker games. Meh! After our 3 course dinner with a giant chocolate cake all the students gathered to play Cards Against Humanity. That’s when I finally learnt her name: Ayesha. Might I add, the Cards Against Humanity revealed a LOT about everyone: Sarah and Agatha have a similar sense of humor, Thomas has a whole other side to him, Ayesha is a poet, Hibah managed to understand everyone’s humor, and apparently I don’t have a sense of humor… ANYWAYS… Johnathan, Thomas, and I moved onto having deep chats in our room which resulted in a very insightful all-nighter. The rest was all a blur because I was very tired, but somehow we ended up at Grahams Harbor, and it was time to core our first sample of FORAMS (Foraminifera: A single-celled organism that we’ll have to intimately know for the remainder of this course). The process required a PVC pipe, hammer, drowning each other (it was to stabilize the person hammering underwater, really not as bad as it sounds), and Thomas’s lungs. All in all, it was a pretty good first day and a half in the Bahamas! 🙂


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