San Salvador: Day 5

As our time on San Salvador winds down, each of the three teams which constitute UTM290 are ever more methodically arranging daily itineraries, so as to devote sufficient time to attaining pre-established research goals and making the most of a short week in a beautiful place with incredible people and a highly loyal stray dog. Today was a busy day for my team, whose focus lies on foraminfera, protists which may be preserved as micro-fossils, owing to their external mineral shells…we extracted our last sediment core from Graham’s Harbor, situated outside the Gerace Research Center and began preliminary separation of forams from sand.  And, there was enough time left over for a friendly volleyball game.  Tomorrow will likely present us all with several surprises: in addition to a morning excursion during which one of the teams will collect extra samples, we are hoping to come together at a nearby fish-fry and celebrate the conclusion of our endeavor in The Bahamas.


-Thomas Piekut



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