Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

It’s incredible to think that we are embarking on my first in-field research experience in the Bahamas and on the island said to be Christopher Columbus’s first landing site on his voyage around the world. Our first day in San Salvador was spent in Grahams Harbour and involved mostly acquainting ourselves with our research methodologies in order to assess whether they would actually work in the same way in the field as they did on paper.
We arrived at the Gerace Research Center in the early afternoon and were served a delicious meal of pasta before we made our way out to Graham’s Harbour. During this time the group dynamics were still a bit awkward as our groups had never been officially acquainted or really knew what the each other’s research projects were about. Agatha and I were the two members of our group present on the island and since our research project involves asssessing polluted lakes, our day was spent snorkeling and taking pictures of the other groups for the most part. It seemed as though spending one day near the ocean played an attractive effect in bringing us closer together because, by dinner time we were eating and talking as though we had already spent months together, from this moment onwards awkward group dynamics and silent meals turned into inseperable group sessions with every person getting to know each other on a personal level. After dinner we had our first ever scrum where every group gave an update of what they had accomplished for that day. Tomorrow we hope to be able to execute our own water sampling methodologies as well as to assist the other groups with their own.
Yours truly,


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