Come Rain Or Shine

Not many account for an experience in the Bahamas where it rained for an entire day but apparently that was a fate we foresaw for our fourth day on the island. The boys seemed to have been hit so hard with sleep that they missed breakfast this morning. The rest of the team struggled to stay awake at breakfast as the rain poured hard outside. After breakfast, Agatha, Sarah and I went to the computer lab and spent most of our time trying to stay awake as we updated our story wiki’s. Most of the day was spent finishing work until after supper when we finally made use of the games room and played Cranium and an intense game of Mafia, as if we didn’t learn our lesson the first time most of us ended up in bed by 3am. Hopefully tomorrow will be a day where we get to go out and spend some time at the beach, there is also word of a cookout party tomorrow so that should be a lot of fun.



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