Do you smell that?

If there is one thing that could put me off of eating eggs for a while, it was spending the beginning of our day after breakfast in fresh lake. Ironically enough, the name does not give away a realistic representation of how muddy and poignantly pungent the oddly named ‘Fresh Lake’ actually was. It became clear that our project would require participants with brave souls and a strong immunity to an egg-like sewage stench; Johnathan, Ayesha, Mishika and Hibah were our biggest troopers and bravely collected samples with us in the lakes. On a happier note, today was the first day that we got to ride the back of an open-back truck around the entire island of San Salvador. Today was a beautiful, sunny day and was spent by the beach; in other words, it was what id like to call a great way to make up for our not so fresh morning.  We visited French Bay today in order for the other groups to work on their projects for most of the day. The ‘Finding Nemo’ group had trouble setting up their quadrats in the water; the boys fearlessly performed their gutsy method that involved drowning one another in order to collect forams from the ocean floor.

P.S; plenty of sun lotion required as it seems as though our next few days in san sal will be sunnier than sunny.




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