Midweek Review: Day 3

Things are going pretty good. My team has sampled at three different locations at this point with only one more to go. We’ve become experts at getting the core in and out in record time, wave-calling (one person screams high when a high wave is approaching so that the others working on the core can get out of the water), and screaming FORAMS at completely random, but usually appropriate, moments! This one small word has the power to provide me the strength to run into the vast Atlantic Ocean, shirtless, with a Guardo camera stuck to my head, with nothing but a hollow PVC tube, a rusty hammer, and the two best team-members a guy could ask for. Speaking of things that provide incomparable strength, Purple, Orange, and Red are some of the BEST “dranks” ever. Just recently I jumped off of my seat in a moving truck, mind you we were sitting in the back with no roof above our heads, to save Purple from falling over. I should clarify: these dranks are a mixture of food coloring and sugar that almost entirely mask the taste of the filtered water available around the Gerace center. Otherwise, the cockroaches and salamanders are friendly, there is a dog that runs around and we’ve been trying to name him, but the votes are split between “Dempster” and “No-name”. OH! I almost forgot to mention: we’ve been playing a card game called Mafia and oh my goodness… everyone is SO into it. We play for hours on end and the excitement never dies. I hope the adventure and fun continues.



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