Our Day Off

It rained on Thursday and since all the groups were nearly finished collecting their samples and field data, we all decided to stay in and spend the day at the GRC. After getting some extra work done individually, we all got together at the end of the day at the computer lab. It was lit.

I played some music off of YouTube and not to brag, but somehow everybody liked my taste so I kept playing throwback songs as the designated DJ while Johnathan, Shaishav and Thomas played threeway chess online, Mercy studied for an upcoming test, and Team Finding Nemo went through their videos of corals and identified them. It was a lot of fun just chilling with the whole crew on our day off. We ended up staying up really late, but we don’t regret it, and I know this because we did so the night before as well… chilling in the Games Room playing Cranium and Mafia for hours. Some of the realest troopers actually contemplated pulling all-nighters just to stretch out our time together as long as possible, but the exhaustion of our daily work always manages to catch up to us.

Sarah is sitting next to me while I type this and her nose is peeling. Shaishav brought cookies for us to eat and I’m munching on one right now. Johnathan is on my other side being the chillest bae he always is. Happy rip 🙂

— Agatha

P.S. Sarah’s extra use of slang has started to rub off on us.


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