Hi everyone,

Here are some midweek updates –

We’ve all been working hard on our respective projects, while also helping each other out in the field. As members of Team 1 “drown” each other to collect their data, our team swims out to the reefs with our underwater slates (which I find extremely cool for some reason) and quadrats. After struggling to swim against the intense waves for two days, I finally admitted to myself that I needed to use fins – and boy, they were a blessing! After lunch, we usually head out to some polluted (and smelly) lakes to collect water and sediment samples for Team 2.

Now, some non-work updates: “FORAMS” is our war cry, everyone has become fluent in Sarah’s lingo, and we are all addicted to a game called Mafia.

You know you’re having a good time when your sandy clothes don’t bother you anymore, when the food that supposedly only “keeps your heart pumping” starts tasting delicious, and when the sugary PURPLE DRANK becomes your favourite beverage! 🙂

-Baeshika (the name given to me by Baegatha)


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