It’s been almost a week since we’ve been home and I realize I have another blog post left to upload.
But what to say? I mean the trip is sadly over and we’re back to the ordinary.
I’d say most importantly, our trip showed me how the other half live, and I’m not talking about the peaceful island life. Choosing commerce over science was a decision I made in grade 12, and I’ve always wondered what my life would be like had I continued post-secondary studies in a science field.
Turns out there aren’t many differences between the fields albeit the differences in technical knowledge. They stress about med school applications and us, our resumes. Research opportunities versus third year internships.
Do I regret choosing accounting over chemistry?
This week, above all, has shown me regardless of the field you choose to enhance your skills, you can do anything and be content in any field you choose.
Who says an economics and accounting student can’t conduct a research project? Or a science student; a lover of business case competitions and networking events?
Don’t limit yourself, keep an open mind, and explore the world. Take opportunities as they arise and have no regrets. Where you are now is exactly where you’re meant to be.
Thank you San Salvador and my UTM290 team for an extra-ordinary week.

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