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It’s been almost a week since we’ve been home and I realize I have another blog post left to upload.
But what to say? I mean the trip is sadly over and we’re back to the ordinary.
I’d say most importantly, our trip showed me how the other half live, and I’m not talking about the peaceful island life. Choosing commerce over science was a decision I made in grade 12, and I’ve always wondered what my life would be like had I continued post-secondary studies in a science field.
Turns out there aren’t many differences between the fields albeit the differences in technical knowledge. They stress about med school applications and us, our resumes. Research opportunities versus third year internships.
Do I regret choosing accounting over chemistry?
This week, above all, has shown me regardless of the field you choose to enhance your skills, you can do anything and be content in any field you choose.
Who says an economics and accounting student can’t conduct a research project? Or a science student; a lover of business case competitions and networking events?
Don’t limit yourself, keep an open mind, and explore the world. Take opportunities as they arise and have no regrets. Where you are now is exactly where you’re meant to be.
Thank you San Salvador and my UTM290 team for an extra-ordinary week.
The Middle

The Middle

Reflecting back on the week… it was lit.
I arrived at home in Mississauga¬†at around 1 am, with my luggage, coral/fish species data, suntan and memories I’ll never forget. This week was intellectually stimulating; we swam with Bahamian fish and collected our coral data. This week was exciting; not everyone can say they’ve dived into Monument Bay and saved a hat (ahem Johnathan) and (nearly) beat Thomas in chess.
I’m most thankful for this opportunity because it gave me friends for a lifetime.
Living with strangers (initially), talking to them and spending the week together gave me insight as to what their passions, and dreams were. I touched on this point on my previous blog, but going from living and seeing your friends almost every second of every day to barely seeing each other all week was an adjustment. I find myself constantly reminiscing about the good times we had and all the experiences we shared together, like seeing a school of fish swim past us and a dark purple sting ray.
I guess you can take the girl out of the Bahamas, but you can’t take the Bahamas out of her.
The Beginning

The Beginning

The title may seem a bit misleading but I’ll be taking a different perspective with these blogs.
The beginning of the trip didn’t start when we flew into the gorgeous San Salvador island for me. Instead, it started when our UTM290 group became a family.
The change was gradual, we began by playing card games in the hotel and later all over the island. We realized that Shaishav was a ruthless mafia player and Thomas had a witty sense of humour. Mercy has a heart of gold, Agatha cares about everyone unconditionally and Johnny became the older brother I’ve always wanted. And my girls, Mishika, Ayesha and Hibah are three of the most resilient women I’ve ever met and I’m proud to call them my team mates.
Tanya and the professors were always with us for support and a few mini adventures. Paul played a game of volleyball with us and Tanya, a few rounds of mafia in the back of the blue truck I called our second home for the week. Marc showed me a few patch reef sites were I collected seashells and our team collected our first round of data.
Before the trip we were barely talking to each other in class, now we’re talking about combining tables so everyone can sit together. Now it seems like class can’t come fast enough- something I don’t believe I’m typing right now; who knew?