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Back to Canada (Day 7)

We all woke up on Saturday knowing what was coming… it was time to say goodbye to San Salvador and go back to chilly Canada. We had one last breakfast at our designated table (which we are very protective of), and headed back to our rooms to finish packing up. It was weird seeing our dorm rooms completely empty, it was especially sad seeing Agatha put her amazing bug net away, it will be missed dearly. Once more, we jumped onto the blue truck one last time and drove to the airport, while reminiscing about our favourite parts of the trip. We arrived slightly early, so we had time to finally go to San Sal’s very own ‘Wendy’s’ and have ice cream- yum!



Following our short flight to Nassau, we had quite the layover, but the thought of a long, tiring wait was quickly forgotten when we spotted an actual Wendy’s at the airport. Burgers, fries, nuggets, and soda never tasted so good. The next couple of hours were spent playing a super fun, yet challenging game of charades… but seriously, how does one act out the words foraminifera, agile method and purple drank?! Good thing we could all basically read each others minds at this point. Later, Mishika introduced us to a quick-thinking card game called Market, which got very loud very quickly. On the other side of the table, a chess game was going on, what a scholarly way to pass time!
Eventually, it was finally time to board our flight and officially say goodbye to the Bahamas.

What a trip this has been, definitely one of the highlights of my university life, and one that I will not forget.



It’s Not Always Sunny in San Salvador (Day 4)

Windy, gloomy, and rainy… words you wouldn’t normally associate with ‘The Bahamas’, but Wednesday brought about a storm none of us had anticipated. The downpour made it impossible to do any field work, especially since we travel solely through the open roof truck. Nonetheless, we had a super productive day indoors, as we all had plenty of data to analyse. We all worked diligently through the morning and afternoon, huddled away in the labs of the GRC. However, we were given good news at dinner, Friday is supposed to be a beautiful day! That mean we have one more day to do any last minute sampling and data collection before we leave on Saturday. At night, we made sure to unwind by playing Cranium in the games room, where everyone’s artistic, acting, and humming skills were put to the test. This was followed by an intense game of Mafia, which at this point is basically a nightly ritual. All in all, a super productive, yet chill day. 🙂


Sun, Sand… and Science! (Day 1)

Our Bahamas trip started off with an overnight stay in lovely Naussau, where we stayed in an amazing hotel and were treated to a delicious three course meal. Early next morning, we were off to San Salvador, beginning our exciting journey. We flew in to the smallest airport I have ever seen, and hopped on to an open roof truck with all our luggage and drove on over to the Gerace Research Center. Once we got settled in to the modest, yet cozy dorm rooms, the group met up to get ready to head out and explore beautiful San Sal. Equipped with brand new field notebooks, fish ID cards, and underwater slates, we took a quick trip to a nearby beach, where we snorkelled until the sun went down. We saw Bahamian coral for the first time; both live and dead, mostly dead… which is great for our hypothesis, however not so great for the poor fish! After our first field day, all three groups’ projects were already in full force since we started working right away, into the late hours of the night. Who knew us scholars students would be working so hard! (jk)